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Welcome to Green and Clean Mom. This is a blog which means it is an interactive highly personal website.

I evoke conversations.
I want to you to reply.
I want you to leave your thoughts.
I want this to feel like a comfortable environment for you.

Let me help get you started and explain how simple this “blog” stuff is:

1.    Subscribe via my RSS or through Email (FREE) and all it means is when I post something new, you get the low down. If you don’t know what RSS is click here and you’ll get more information on how and why you should use RSS. Otherwise, just subscribe via email for FREE updates.
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3.    Comment. Yes, tell me what you think. Like or dislike something, share it with me and other readers. A blog is for conversation so start typing. Warning: Be Nice. Always be nice!
comment4.    Share. A blog is for conversing and that means if you like something you tell a friend Bloggers make it easy for you to share stuff with people. Here at Green and Clean Mom, use the ShareThis button.

5.    StumbleUpon is like the TV guide for the internet. It’s free to register and you can stumble through the internet to find what is out there. When a blogger asks for a stumble and you’re a registered user, give them thumbs up. That helps their content been seen faster.

If you have questions please feel free to contact me.

Why not? Great tips for free!

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