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When I started blogging I was knee deep into Shaklee as a distributor and very excited to get my product into the hands of other people. I did very well as a distributor and my warm market sprung me very quickly into some great leadership positions. Then I moved onto what they call the “cold market” and was finding that there were bloggers doing reviews and this is how I came to know, Colleen Padilla of Classy Mommy. I asked her to review a bottle of Shaklee Basic H and as to be expected it got a great review. Times change and the internet rules aren’t the same as they were for Shaklee two years ago and unfortunately they do not disclose their ingredients for proprietary reasons. When I started on my “green journey” I was okay with this because the company’s history speaks for itself and other than vinegar and baking soda I just couldn’t find anything I felt worked well for the money. We all know that consumer demand is for transparency and well Johnson and Johnson has been around for a long time and I once trusted them so basically, I want full disclosure and because of this I have stepped back from Shaklee publicly. I still have their products and feel safe using them and I’m not saying they are J&J but I’d like them to disclose so there isn’t any guessing or wondering on the part of the consumer.

What does this have to do with Classy Mommy you might wonder? Well, everything has come full circle and two years ago as I was asking Colleen Padilla to review a product I was selling I am now what I would call a blogging colleague. We both review products, we are both moms and we both have blogs that are essentially our businesses. I couldn’t have imagined two years ago when I started looking for mom bloggers to review the products I was selling that I was uncovering a gold mind of mommy bloggers and that big companies were going to catch onto wanting reviews of  products with mom bloggers. I was just a small time distributor and I got it so I think it is funny that now mom bloggers have the FTC with their panties in a bundle and companies knocking down their doors for sponsorship when little ol’ Sommer figured it all out a few years ago. Its funny how things workout but now I’m getting to talk to this lovely lady on Blog Talk Radio tonight at 8pm EST. I hope you listen in because even though Colleen has said she’s excited to talk to me I’m equally excited to be chatting with her.

Join us Tuesday, April 22, 2009 on Blog Talk Radio

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