Bloggers are often asked to be blogger/brand ambassadors or some call it blogger spokespersons. I have been a ambassador most recently for White Cloud and eBay Classifieds. Both good experiences and both programs having hiccups but overall positive experiences that I have been generously compensated for and thankful to be a part of, though not all bloggers have the same experiences. Which has led me to wonder why there are so many brands doing it well and so many doing not so well? What is going on out there in the blogeshere and where is the miscommunication? Why aren’t bloggers being compensated and is it because some do not understand what a blog ambassador program is? Maybe not all bloggers are cut out to be a brand ambassadors? What is it?

I posted a survey asking basic questions about what bloggers are experiencing, what they are being paid,how they are contacted and what makes a successful ambassador program and a not so successful program. The sampling was small because I did not market this with dollars and spend hours of time trying to get thousands of bloggers but I think this small sampling is telling and yes, some of the bloggers who took the survey are “A” list bloggers so the sampling certainly represents diversity  (I have a few friends-wink, wink!)!

Eye opening results of the blogger ambassador survey:

-Over 70% of the bloggers surveyed have worked for a brand with no compensations. SAY WHAT?

-Many of the bloggers who work with brands prefer to be contacted via email and through a brand representative and communication with the brand and clear objectives, goals and contracts are key to a successful blogger ambassador program.

-Bloggers do it all for a brand when they are loyal to the brand in real life and thus you have a real brand ambassador using their online influence – but they need to pay the bills and get paid!

Download the survey results by clicking here and if you want to be a blogger ambassador or work with blogs you have to check out this eBook of everything I’ve learned and I spell it out for you!

Happy blogging and please tell me what you think about the results of this survey and your experience! Let the conversation begin!


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