Today I need a place to vent. A place to just write my thoughts with no real purpose other than to say what I have to say because this is my space, my blog, my virtual home.

I’m feeling some mom blogger burn out.

I’m feeling tired of writing on a schedule – though it is my schedule and I created it, nobody else.

A good friend asked me if my children have suffered because of my blogging and that was like a punch in the gut, did she think so? Have they? Am I a bad mom? Oh, the questions swirl and I worry, feel guilty and assume the worst. I hate mom guilt!

Occupational Hazards of Blogging

I’m feeling the need for a break but here is what I know when you turn your blog into a business – it is hard to take abreak. There are obligations, contracts, expectations, comments to check, rankings to keep high and advertisers to please. To make money I need new and good content, good photos, an online social presence (interaction, relationships and promotion) and traffic. I cannot expect an increase in traffic if I do not create excellent content with some good key word research, my readers expect good content and the better my Alexa and rankings the easier I can be found which means more traffic.

A downside to turning your blog into a business, the business can take over at times. The business can drive your blog verses you and your love for the niche and writing. Finding this balance is difficult and where you draw the line and find the time to create a happy medium is no easy task.

Frankly, I feel like I’m failing at this today.

Today, I’m tuckered out.

I’m uncertain.

My wrist hurts (occupational hazard).

My to-do list is huge and my brain is fried.

My ideas are endless, they always are.

I want to implement some of my ideas, partner, collaborate and make my dreams come true except time is slipping away and I’m tired.

Blogging is Not a 9 to 5 Business

What people don’t tell you about blogging as a business is that it is hard work. Just like any business there is a huge time investment but when you blog, you’re also all over Facebook, Twitter, leaving comments on other blogs, reading, studying, attending conferences and not just blogging. Blogging is so much more than just staying at your own blog and writing – you have to be social and to be social that takes time, effort, transparency and it is around the clock (social media doesn’t close at 5pm).

I’m hoping tomorrow is better.

I can’t just put the close sign up and turn off the lights but I can give myself a break and do some reflection and figure this stuff out. I need to examine my blog, make a plan, look at the money, examine my travel, future, family and what my heart is telling me.

What advice do you have for me?

Why not? Great tips for free!

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