I started blogging for good. Meaning I wanted my blog to be about inspiring, motivating and encouraging others to live a little bit greener. To help others realize what they could do and offer them my personal story, reviews and examples to move people in a greener direction.

I feel as though my blog and now business is indeed still helping others to do better with their lives for their health, family and planet. I am encouraged by a long-time blogging friend Jennifer James to maybe step it up. Jennifer James, if you do not know is the creator and owner of Mom Blogger Club. In fact, Jennifer and I date back to when she created the site and in if you’re talking social media in years – we’ll I’m surprised we do not have gray hair and dentures by now! In fact, I was one of her first members and I started with her community to promote my online business, learn about blogging and connect with moms like myself. Boy has time passed in those social media years but we still have our fingers to type, text, tweet, message and blog!

Jennifer James is a pioneer online. She’s battling the Wild West of the web figuring out what to do, not to do, who to partner with, what direction to turn, how to grow and protect her territory. Yet, the wild, Wild West is brutal. Mean. This is where Jennifer James differs.

A Heart of Gold and True Cowgirl

Image Credit: http://jjamesonline.com/about/

When you picture someone from the Wild West you picture a gun ready to aim fire and protect. Jennifer has a computer mouse, iPad, SmartPhone, laptop, 4G and she’s ready to use these for helping women grow their business and blog!

And more! Jennifer James is the one person I have seen online that recognizes her ability to connect thousand of women who attend conferences and those that don’t to do noble actions for others around the world. Jennifer is taking a community of women and building upon her presence but also the women she knows online and their human capacity to do well by others. Mom Bloggers for Social Good – yes, this is her project. Her heart of GOLD shinning through!

This woman, this inspiring and motivating woman she was recently invited to attend an event in Berlin by the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation {OMG}! This is how moving Jennifer James is. This is how we bloggers can encourage others – the way Jennifer James is! Bravo! Bravo!

What are you doing for others online of offline?

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