Okay, BlogHer is less than one week away and it seems like I just started planning this trip and looking for sponsors. To some it might seem funny to look for BlogHer sponsors and that perhaps a mom that is sponsored and giving out a bar of ecostore USA soap,  coupons for a free Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt or toting their love for the queens of BPA Free, The Soft Landing could be commercializing an event. Mind you an event that is full of swag, sponsorships and bar nights that are hosted by companies paying for drinks. I’m all for the stuff but let me assure you that I looked to allign myself personally with companies that I respect, admire and would add to my attendance of the conference in a postive and “green” way.  If you haven’t noticed there aren’t very many eco-friendly to the bone companies sponsoring BlogHer and frankly, a mom like myself has to travel, eat, pay for the hotel, compensate the baby sitter and then have some fun so I might as well do this promoting a company I like and personally use. Trust me, no sell out here or I just would not go – like last year. So yes, if I give you a hug or haven’t met you be sure to hit me up for some soap or coupons – I’d love to share with you what I personally eat, use and where I shop for non-toxic items.

I’m excited to meet my online and offline friends, travel to the windy city with my sister and Aunt (both help contribute to Green and Clean Mom) and attend some wonderful events and listen to some great speakers, the agenda is a big one! Worrying about what to wear with Tim Gunn paralyzed me for a me for a minute but then I realized: I will wear my attitude, confidence and sexy and sassy green love with me and whatever else I throw on will just have to do!

Oh and the parties, the mingling and finally just chatting it up in person with people who speak my language will be thrilling. How I will make it to all of the parties and swag events is another story but I’m sure I’ll manage just fine! What I will wear out at night actually has me more worried than what I’ll wear during the day but hopefully everyone will have those silly cocktail goggles on and it won’t matter – not me of course!

The countdown is on and I’m excited but fretting leaving the family and organizing work and meals. I’m so thankful for the sponsorships that have made this financially possible: StonyField, The Soft Landing and ecostore USA. I’m very anxious to see all of the work that the green committee has put into “greening” BlogHer this year come to life. BlogHer has worked very hard with our committee to make things happen such as water stations, encouraging eco-friendly swag, swag recycling, back end conference recycling and so much more that wasn’t always the cheapest option but good for the environment. I hope everyone recognizes the eco-friendly steps and that someday they will be common practices for conferences. A little side note, the sponsors and speaking panel sponsor are not associated with the green committee!