Yes! I’m heading out of town for four days to take a little moms getaway with my sister and when our trip ends I will fly from Florida to Washington, D.C. for the Blogher road show tour and conference. I missed Blogher in July so I can’t wait to get a piece of the D.C. action. Besides, I love D.C. and this would make my 4th trip there! I’m not just going for Blogher,I will be met my Min Sook Lee, a Korean-Canadian writer and an award-winning documentary director/producer. Her first feature documentary “El Contrato” was lauded internationally and received the Best Documentary Award for the 2003 Ibero-American Film Festival. She will be following me through out the day and that evening I will meet with a group of green mommy bloggers (Organic Mania, Big Green Purse, The Green Parent, The Smart Mama, and Surely You Nest) that write for a green moms carnival. What a fabulous dinner and conversation we will have.

From there, Min Sook Lee and her crew were going to fly home with me, interview me at home and film more of my life. Why? She is doing a film about toxins and baby products for Canadian television. She can’t help but notice what is happening in the states with BPA and how moms, like me, are turning to the Internet. We’re blogging and reaching out to educate and find other moms who are so called, “green” moms and want safer products. We’re reaching out to all moms to support, educate, encourage, share, advocate and learn from each other. Average ordinary moms just trying to make a difference but also deal with the issue of raising a baby and figuring out what baby care product to use and why. How to manage blogging, life, decisions and being a mom.  Due to the high cost of travel and Min Shook being away from her home and baby girl for too many days, I will be doing some filming of my own at home and then sharing this with Min Shook Lee to use in her documentary as she sees fit. Even better, I get to do the filming!!

How cool is all of this? I’m having trouble sleeping with all the excitement in my life right now, on top of having taken a part-time job to use my degree in education. Major issue, money! How am I getting to D.C. and paying for all of this?  I’m just a mommy blogger, no Problogger or Dooce! This means I have to swallow my pride and ask for help and sponsorship, transparent as can be.  So, gulp.  I’ll blog like crazy about it, video blog about it, tweet about and when Min Sook Lee asks me if I was sponsored I will say who sponsored me, but the film is not an advertisement. Regardless, this is major exposure and marketing here and I need some sponsors so I can actually go and make this possible. So if you want buzz, I’m your green gal! I’ve created a sponsorship package with three tiers to help defray some of the costs, if not all of the cost. If you’d like to help there is always the handy pay pal donation button (see sidebar) but please contact me for sponsorship tiers. The clock is ticking!

Sponsored generously by, The Soft Landing, your one stop BPA Free shopping and informational site.

My Blogher conference ticket has been sponsored, thanks to:

While I’m away and trying to play catch up with everything that is going on, I would love to have some guest posting taking place. The week I get back from my trip I’ll be starting my last two courses with the University of Phoenix online to complete my Masters in Early Childhood education. It will be a busy few months but with some organization, guest posting and working ahead (I’m doing this like crazy right now) and video posting…I’ll be good to go. That’s the greatest thing about blogging, it is always there. I do it when I can and when I want to. A great job to have but the more you do it the more it pays off, like most things in life. If you’d like to write a guest post please contact me. I am looking for posts on any of the following:

1.  Green technology

2.  Green outdoors

3.  Your personal story and how you started going green.

4.  Healthy recipes and cooking ideas.

5.  Recycling crafts.

6. Green homeschooling

7.  Raising children with the environment in mind.

8.  Politics and environmental issues.

Have something in mind that isn’t on the list, let me know. I’m fine with posts being recycled for use on my site but the title must be changed.

Why not? Great tips for free!

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