I have been invited to be a speaker at BlogHer 09’ in Chicago for the green session on eco-blogging and leadership and I’m super excited and honored. Wow is my reaction and I’m not sure how I got to be part of this talented, inspired and educated panel but I am and I won’t let you down. This session has me really excited because it isn’t about how to recycle or compost but rather inspire and motivate others to change through blogging. I certainly hope I do this for others and I know that this topic falls completely in line with the spring and summer project I have set up to inspire you to grow something organic that you and your family can eat this year and if you already do this, take it up a notch and plant something new.

Get Dirty with GCM

The movement is going to be called, Get Dirty with G&CM. Don’t you love this cute little badge for your website, grab one and show your support and join me. Here is how this will work and trust me it won’t be complicated and more information will transpire as time goes by.

1.    You grab a badge and commit to getting dirty with me. Yes, we will get our hands filthy dirty and probably our hair too! Just join the group and you’re involved.
2.     Take some time to figure out what you can do to get dirty and grow some healthy and natural food organic. No pesticides allowed folks! Last year we did a tomato plant but this year we are committing to an actual garden and if I can get a rain barrel or make one I’ll do this too. Grow something on your deck or start a neighborhood garden but do something!!!!
3.    Once you’ve decided to get dirty with me and know what you will do decide how you will tell us about it. For me, I’m going to post about it and actually do a series of video to show you what I’m doing, how I’m doing it, what is not working and my dirty hands!!!
4.    Use the group to help other, get help, share ideas, brainstorm, complain and share your resources.

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*It is my hope that many organic and natural green resources will be given away for the members of the group to try and blog about. You know, find out what works and doesn’t work. If you have a product to submit or want members of the group to try your gardening tools, please contact me.

Get Dirty with me this Spring and Summer and eat some healthy and organic fruits and veggies, save money, learn about gardening and enjoy Mother Earth. I truly hope that I can be an inspiration and you can give me some too (I’m going to need it).  Shucks, I’m going to need some gardening shoes that are cute, organic gardening gloves and a sun hat so I look cute in the videos – so point me in the right direction because guess what, I know nothing about planting or gardening.

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