Spring is on its way!! Spring is the time when flowers bloom, trees bloom, and life blooms. Spring is a perfect time to check out the alma from Bloom. The alma is a stylish, urban, wooden bassinet/crib. The alma is compact, easy to store, durable, requires no tools to assemble and is CONTEMPORARY. Not only is the alma Bloom’n terrific but it’s made from solid birch wood that the company says has been tested to be free of toxic wood preservatives, lead free, phthalate free, PVC free, heavy metal free, and AZO dye free.
The alma is suitable for age’s newborn to 2 years old or 50lbs.The alma has two mattress heights to assist in the ease of lifting a child and converting from a bassinet to a crib. This crib is great for small apartments, co-sleeping homes, traveling, babysitting, daycare centers, and for the everyday child. Not only is the crib a space saver it is a money saver; it only costs $400 vs. the normal $1000 +. The company also offers a range of other stylish and practical products that would suit any home. Check out their alma carrier, anti-bacterial foam mattress, organic lambswool/anti-dustmite mattress, their dresser, beds, and the list goes on and on. Springs coming, check out Bloom and re-decorate your baby’s room.