Books and Tips to Help Children Cope with Worry & Anxiety

It’s common for children to worry. At least from my experience, it is. Some children like some adults, worry more than others do. What causes the worry is different for each child, just as it is for you and me. We are all very different in how things affect us and how we let the worry eat at us. My daughter, for example, worries about needles when it’s time to go to the doctors. This probably has to do with the fact that she had a lot of trauma as a child with ER visits for her asthma and that led to many overnights and pokes.

Whatever your child worries about, it’s important to help them learn to deal with their worries and what’s on their mind. To ease any anxiety they feel. It’s something I was never taught as a child and now I see the importance of teaching it to my own children. Helping to give them the tools to ease their mind, cope with stress and deal with what worries them.

Journaling or Drawing – This isn’t a good fit for each child but for my daughter, it helps when she can write down her feelings or draw. It calms her down and gets things off her mind. I make sure she knows that I won’t read anything unless she wants me to. I want journaling and drawing to be her safe place.

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Talking to God – Sometimes your child just needs someone to talk to and of course, I always say they can talk to me but at night before bed or anytime, I tell him or her, they can talk to God. This helps me at night, to “Give it to God”, before I fall asleep.

Acupuncture and Essential Oils- Helping my children learn to relax and use methods like acupuncture and essential oils, is something I hope they can utilize later in their life. Now, it helps my daughter calm down, breathe and the acupuncture treatments help move negative energy, something I believe in. At night and throughout the day, we can use a diffuser and calming oils to help us relax. My daughter knows which oils she likes best and will ask for scents like NOW Foods Peaceful Sleep.

Books and Tips to Help Children Cope with Worry & Anxiety

Reading Books – There are some GREAT books on to help children overcome anxiety, worry and to deal with their emotions. A few that I love include:

Lots of Exercise and Outdoor Time – The more time we spend outside, the better we all feel. When we’re active with sports, playing with friends outside, going to the park, the beach and exerting energy – there’s less time for worry. It helps everyone sleep better too!

Limiting Technology and Television – Our kids are not on social media yet and we’re pretty strict about the computer and swear by K9 Web protection for the kids but they watch television. I notice when they spend too much time using tablets, the computer or watching television, their behavior is worse.  If they have outside influences to think about, it is likely it affects their worry and anxiety. (Read my article on Internet Safety and What Parents Should Know!)

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Be Understanding – I’m trying to get better at this because I don’t always understand their worry, I might sometimes brush it off as not important…but it is important to them. So I’m trying to be more understanding and to listen to how they feel. Feeling understood is comforting and opens the door for them to come to you anytime they feel down, worried or unsure about something.

Consider a Professional – There is nothing wrong with seeking help. If you need to talk with a professional or seek help for parenting, there are many resources in your area. Ask your pediatrician or friends for advice on where to go.

What tips, books or advice to you have for helping your children understand and cope with worry and anxiety?

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