BornFree  is a reputable company that produces what they say are chemical free baby products and to help busy parents they have come up with a list of their top 5 tips for new parents.

1. Get your home in order before the baby arrives: Clean, organize, and find a place to store all baby products, so they can be easily accessible

2. Find the places that are open all night and who will deliver to your home-keep a running and accessible list of nearby pharmacies, grocery stores, etc. and have these numbers readily available.

3. Keeping your baby safe is the most important. Products that are BPA and chemical free are essential.

4. Try and lock down a sleep schedule ahead of time to adjust to both your needs and you’re the needs of the baby. Taking turns between parents is a great way to assure both parties are tending to the baby while taking care of their own health as well and getting as much rest as they possibly can.

5. Read up beforehand and don’t be afraid to ask your pediatrician questions before the baby even arrives in your home such as what to expect for feeding, sleeping, and general care of your child.

I can relate to the top 5 tips given to new moms from BornFree.  Having a baby is extremely scary and overwhelming; especially if it’s your first. I am the type of person that is scared of the unknown. I was up against a lot of unknown’s considering this was my first pregnancy and baby. I’m a fairly stubborn and strong willed person so unfortunately my fears were conveyed through anger because I didn’t want to look emotional and wimpy.  Needles to say I was a mess; I would never admit that to my husband and I don’t recommend you do either ladies (told ya I was stubborn). Now I live in a small area so there wasn’t any 24hr delivery services, although I wish there would have been (could have used a glass a wine in the middle of the night) but the others I can relate to. My older sister gave me a BornFree goodie basket at my baby shower and that came in handy. I must admit that I spent a lot of money because I bought the cheaper, unsafe, products first and then had to restock with the safe products. Considering I had never had a baby I wasn’t worried about BPA products and chemicals until after having my precious little package. After having her I realized I would do anything to keep her safe. I also realized I had to keep my self safe and healthy too; I want to be around along time to love on her and torment her as a teen (he.he.)! I invested my time and money into buying safe, chemical free, BPA free products and I’m glad I did. I suggest you take it from a pro (not me, BornFree) and check out their products and suggestions.  

Photo Credit: BornFree

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