When I was pregnant with my daughter and still naive about the effects of BPA and other toxic chemicals in our products my sister was on a mission to educate me. For a baby shower gift my sister bought me a bucket of non toxic house cleaners and BornFree bottles that were of course BPA free. I had no idea the importance of this until after having my daughter and becoming more educated. BornFree has been providing families with BPA-Free products since 2006, years before BPA-free products were available on store shelves. They are a reputable company that have the environment and health of families in mind.

When I heard about BornFree’s new line of bottles that feature their signature ActiveFlow TM vent that has been proven to reduce colic symptoms and their recycling program I just had to share it with you. Now when you are finished with your BornFree bottles you can take the bottles back to an eco-retailer for recycling or send them back to BornFree via prepaid postage. The 5oz and 9oz Eco-Friendly bottles will be recycled into new product lines such as toys, furniture and household utensils. This is such a great option, once again BornFree is ahead of the competition and has the environment and their customers well being at heart. If you have questions about their products and want to talk to other mom’s that have used BornFree items you can check out their Facebook fan page I hope their products are something that you and your family enjoy as much as I did.

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