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I have said over and over, I am not perfect and far from the greenest shade that exists. I am not an environmentalist but I do care about the environment. For me it starts in my home with my family using safer products, avoiding plastic, eating healthier foods, not choosing pesticides, etc. I feel this does impact the bigger picture and helps the environment as well as contributes to healthier children.

One thing I make an effort to avoid is bottled water. Besides the fact that it is a waste of money it is a waste of resources from packaging to shipping and if you head to Fake Plastic Fish, she’ll tell you even more about this!  I’m not perfect on the plastic front but the water is also packaged in plastic which could leak chemicals so I’d rather go with a BPA free or stainless steel water bottle and have my water tested for lead.

For those of you that think that bottle watered is safe you might want to do some reading about the 23 recalls on bottled water since 2002 and that the FDA and EPA have different standards for testing water and water quality (the FDA regulates bottled water). A recent report by the government found that most bottled water companies do not reveal where they are getting the water and how the water is treated – that is scary!

I don’t believe that companies will stop packaging bottled water and if I go to a foreign country there is a good chance that I’ll drink bottled water, however, as consumers we have to ask ourselves these questions next time we reach for the bottled water:

1) Why are we buying bottled water? Because it is safer or to save ourselves time and money because bottled water doesn’t save you money and time – um it’s called breaking a habit.
2) How do you know the bottled water has been tested for safety, where did it come from and what resources were used for that bottle of water to reach you?
3)  Does buying a bottle of water tell the company, store owner and market place you support bottle water in general or do you want to see changes made in packaging, where the water comes from and better regulation?
4)  Are you buying the water for the taste? Have you tried a soda stream or a quality filter to help your tap water taste better?

Take a few minutes to really consider how you can change that bottled water drinking habit. It’s really not hard and you’ll help the environment, save money, do something good for your health and impact the market place by shifting your dollars to reusable water bottles and what is already free –tap water.

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