My daughter and son were both Gerber babies. They ate the baby food, drank the juice, had the cups, and tried all the toddler foods when they came out. Gerber’s a Michigan company and I’m from Michigan, so I felt a little bit of loyalty. When the Gerber organics came out, I was over the moon. I made some of my own baby food and when we had something I could just mash up, that’s what my children ate. I just wasn’t the make and freeze mom.

Now there’s the BPA issue and most of what I used from Gerber was in plastic. Just wonderful, another reason why making your own food probably is the best. So I called the company and wanted to hear what they had to say about BPA and their food in the plastic. The lady on the phone was just darling but uninformed and tried to explain which plastic was safe and which wasn’t and what the FDA says is safe and how Gerber’s priority is safety. A scripted answer and when I pushed for more details on exactly what number plastic was the baby food containers and the juice in, she said she couldn’t find the documents. Hmmmm? I was then asked for my address and she politely said she’d send me coupons. Thanks.

A letter arrived in the mail, nearly two weeks later but the coupons came in two days. A nice letter explained how I can be assured that all Gerber products are safe and meet the U.S. Food and Drug Administration    requirements for safety. They explain that the FDA sets regulations for food and plastic interaction and they are well within the federal limits. The Gerber® Graduates® plastic food containers are not made from polycarbonate. Gerber chose the multi-layer #7 plastic to keep food fresh and safe, that’s their reasoning.Their final statement to me was this, “Gerber believes that when used as intended by FDA, these products are safe.”

I drove to the store and looked at all the Gerber plastic and all of the juice containers say #7 and all of the plastic baby food containers are #7. If the plastic is multi-layered then why have a #7 on them?  What is the point of parents using BPA free bottles, sippys, teethers and toys when the food they are giving their children is packaged in BPA plastic? I’ve written enough posts on BPA, started a project to help daycare convert to BPA Free products but the big wigs are hiding behind an approved limit. Gerber has been in business for 80 years and they clearly state they have helped family raise happy, healthy babies. Moms decided for yourself if you feel that Gerber is a company you can trust. I, however, believe that Gerber is hiding behind the FDA and needs to make a change, fast! It isn’t enough to just offer me a handful of coupons and discounts to forget about the BPA!

If you feel the same as I do, call or write the company and tell them your feelings (1-800-4-Gerber). We have to start demanding that large companies make these changes and stop accepting what the FDA deems as safe limits. Enough is enough! Safe Mama has also composed a great post that might be worth reading. Safe Mama mentions Gerber claiming all of their products were BPA Free but in my formal letter, there is no statement such as this. I guess we were on the same wave length! Moms Rising started a petition for you to sign that lets the CEO’s know, we want change. For now, maybe begin making your own baby food, choose foods in glass jars rather than plastic (be sure to recycle them) and maybe consider buying from a company that makes organic baby food in safe containers.

A few I know of:

Home Made Baby: They have a nice store locater and I don’t have a store near me that sells this brand but I gave them my information and they do the requesting at the store on my behalf. Nifty!

Happy Baby™ : Frozen, organic baby food in safe containers. You can get these at Amazon now!

I’m researching a few more but waiting to hear back on what type of containers they use. Hopefully I know more soon and be able to report back with more choices and variety. If you have a great home made baby food recipe, join the G&CM group and share!

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