I’ve mentioned before, I live in a rural area and by rural I mean, Target is 2 hours away! On my recent family vacation, I spent two hours in Target (sad, I know) and combed the store for non-toxic alternatives for my home and children. One of my favorite BPA free sippys, Foogo was in the camping section not the baby section. Weird. I had forgotten sippys for my daughter and was hoping I could find some safe BPA free cups and boy did I get lucky! I found a $.99 cent cup made by Munchkin. There were all of these sippy cups and right on the package I see, BPA FREE! Wow, a company figured out to just add this to the packaging and make our lives easier. My first thought was that it would leak like crazy because it was so cheap. I had nothing to lose so I bought two of them and guess what, it did not leak! Nothing. My aunt, uncle and cousins thought I was crazy because I was so excited. The little things get to me, I suppose!

So for the cost, which you can’t beat, the convenience of getting these cups at Target and the fact that they don’t leak, I say yahooo, go buy a few! I recently reviewed The Safe Sippy and I’m happy to report they’re sending me a few more to try, just in case I had a defective cup. Be sure to visit the other BPA Free sippy cups I have reviewed and see what ZRecs has to say on the BPA issue and their reviews. Another great source for BPA Free information is Safe Mama.

I am giving away two $5 Target e-certificates over at the Green & Clean Mom Forum starting August 6th and ending August 10, 2008. For anyone who wants the chance to win a e-certificate to help purchase these BPA free cups, please join this great group of moms and leave a comment under the discussion thread.


  1. What a coinquidink — I just came across and bought two of these yesterday. The Target by us also sells nubby’s that look just the same, and they too are BPA free.

    I also have a related question — if you or anyone has the answer — All of the Munchkin stuff at our target (bowls, spoons, etc) said BPA free, except their plates. Does anyone know if the plates are BPA free? I may have to call the company and ask…

  2. What a relief! I’m off to purchase some at Target today. When I looked a few months ago I was shocked that there weren’t any BPA free options for sippy cups. Thank goodness there’s finally a readily available, inexpensive BPA-free cup in this world. I totally understand your excitement!

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  3. Love this Munchkin Sippy! I love that it’s BPA free. I didn’t know that BPA free items were available at Target…..I need to take a trip there.

    Thanks for this giveaway.

  4. This was never something we worried about when my kids were small, we didn’t know what we know about it now. I’m so glad that Target is showing concern for the health of babies and children with thier BPA free products.
    I would love this for my granddaughter who is 18 months now!


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