I’ve mentioned before, I live in a rural area and by rural I mean, Target is 2 hours away! On my recent family vacation, I spent two hours in Target (sad, I know) and combed the store for non-toxic alternatives for my home and children. One of my favorite BPA free sippys, Foogo was in the camping section not the baby section. Weird. I had forgotten sippys for my daughter and was hoping I could find some safe BPA free cups and boy did I get lucky! I found a $.99 cent cup made by Munchkin. There were all of these sippy cups and right on the package I see, BPA FREE! Wow, a company figured out to just add this to the packaging and make our lives easier. My first thought was that it would leak like crazy because it was so cheap. I had nothing to lose so I bought two of them and guess what, it did not leak! Nothing. My aunt, uncle and cousins thought I was crazy because I was so excited. The little things get to me, I suppose!

So for the cost, which you can’t beat, the convenience of getting these cups at Target and the fact that they don’t leak, I say yahooo, go buy a few! I recently reviewed The Safe Sippy and I’m happy to report they’re sending me a few more to try, just in case I had a defective cup. Be sure to visit the other BPA Free sippy cups I have reviewed and see what ZRecs has to say on the BPA issue and their reviews. Another great source for BPA Free information is Safe Mama.

I am giving away two $5 Target e-certificates over at the Green & Clean Mom Forum starting August 6th and ending August 10, 2008. For anyone who wants the chance to win a e-certificate to help purchase these BPA free cups, please join this great group of moms and leave a comment under the discussion thread.

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