This year, I am turning the BIG 40.

I am no spring chicken. In fact, parts of my face look like a wrinkly chicken. Which unfortunately happens when you age, you get wrinkles. It also happens when you have children, a full-time job and you don’t sleep.

It’s depressing but I’m working my butt off to not let aging get me down. Instead, I’m determined to fight like hell to age gracefully and look as young as possible.

To accomplish this, I’m devoting myself to take care of my skin. To make sure I’m putting my best face forward.  Just because I have some crow’s feet, a few bags under my eyes and laugh lines, does not mean I have to give myself more of them or not use products and makeup that help lessen the damage or covers the wrinkles up!

My first step is to make sure I wash my face, morning and night. I know, I know, this sounds obvious but I am guilty of not washing my face at night. Sometimes I am too tired and just go to bed with my makeup on. BAD move! Not washing the makeup and impurities off my face only leads to breakouts. In addition, if I do not wash my face at night, I am not moisturizing it and using my favorite eye cream and serums (more on these later).

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A great face wash to lighten and brighten your skin, especially for those of us turning 40!

My favorite face wash right now, the one that has made my skin look brighter (in my opinion) and not cause break outs is the Now Solutions, vitamin c & oryza sativa gentle scrub. As you might know, I’m a Now Foods Ambassador, so I’m fortunate enough to try many of their products but this is one that I’m head over heels for and here is why:

  • It smells delicious and when I wash my face in the morning, it is a great wake up scent. It’s just right, very subtle and not too strong.
  • I can use it morning and night to gently exfoliate – which is great because during the winter months, I have dry skin and this face wash doesn’t dry out my skin. Some exfoliates are too harsh and leave my skin aggravated.
  • The vitamin c helps to brighten my skin. I have some uneven skin tones and brown spots from worshiping the sun. I also have some scarring because I’m a “picker” and this product helps improve the appearance of the discoloration and mild scarring to make my skin look more even and brighter.

Personally, I’ve noticed a difference over the last two months using this face wash, which is why I wanted to share it with you. I’ve used a lot of face washes and products over the years and I don’t share all of them…only the ones that I love and that I feel work for me and hopefully you too! With so many products on the market, it’s hard to know what to buy, which is why I hope my reviews and recommendations help you.

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If you have dull skin, light scarring, sensitive skin that can’t take abrasive cleaners and you’re looking for a face wash that helps reduce the appearance of discoloration, I can’t recommend this product enough. Like I said, I’m working on putting my best face forward, it starts with washing my face morning, and night and taking care of my skin.

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