It’s that time of year, I’m glaring and squinting because it’s sunny out. I’m not complaining about the sunshine, I’m solar powered. I love the sun. I just happen to need prescription sunglasses and those aren’t cheap. I wish I could just choose a cute pair of sunglasses from the department store and call it good enough. Nope. This means I drop a ton of money on new prescription sunglasses or squint and then end up with a headache.

That’s what I’ve been doing, squinting, until I heard of a way to get high quality, nice looking, prescriptionQuality Sunglasses at a Cheap Price sunglasses for a reasonable cost. I love eye wear and I’m all about cheap glasses but I’m also hesitant because I don’t want the inexpensive glasses to be low quality. To me, that’s a waste of money. Plus, I get attached to my glasses and I don’t want to wear them a few times and then they break. I’d be super sad.

Glasses Shop, however, offers high quality frames and I can attest to this first hand. My new prescription sunglasses they sent me to review, are fabulous. They’re heavy duty yet light weight and not flimsy. When you hold them, they don’t feel cheap. In fact, I was even asked how much they cost because they look expensive and they’re not!  Fools, wasting money on expensive frames – not me!

Give Glasses Shop a try for yourself, they offer a get your first pair free deal!  Use the code: GSHOT50 at checkout to SAVE 50% off frames of your first order. Try for yourself a new pair of shades and stop the squinting!

Tip:  When choosing frames, be sure to use the “try on” feature. In addition, measure your current frames to see what the lenses size is. I had the unfortunate experience of ordering frames that did not fit because I did not look at the dimensions and compare them to the frames I already had. Always look at the frames dimensions online before ordering.  How a pair of glass might look online isn’t exactly how they’ll look on your face!


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