Chomp. Chomp. My son loves his “bubba” gum. “Mom, can I have some bubba gum.” He’s got this oral thing and the speech therapist says it’s okay for him to chew it and good for his speech. Distracts him from wanting the pacifiers that he has to get rid of on his fourth birthday (he only uses these at bed). I know, Super Nanny but back off…he’s my kid and he’s fine…the dentist and speech therapist says so! Ha!

So I wanted to find a better gum for him. Go to the grocery store and all I see is gum with lots o’sugar or the sugar free stuff. At my local health food store I found Glee Gum and I bought every stinking’ flavor. I got out to my car and opened all the boxes to see what they tasted like. I couldn’t bring him home gum that he’d spit out. Glee Gum is natural, meaning no synthetic stuff, artificial flavors, preservatives, pesticides, etc. You know the kids swallow the stuff so shouldn’t they swallow a good for you alternative??? Yeah, I think so too! The stuff actually tastes good. I like the tangerine and my son prefers the green spearmint. Glee Gum is made with sustainable harvested rainforest chicle, watch the video about the tree to the glee (get it?).

You can order online but most local health food stores have this Glee Gum too! So go for the alternative when it comes to gum and I promise you, you’ll have feel giddy and your kid won’t even know the difference. They even have kits for making your gum and I’m thinking my son would love this for him up and coming birthday! So go chew some “bubba” gum!


  1. my 3 1/2 year old still puts things in her mouth all day, and sucks her thumb. she has oral needs. i have been soooo against trying gum for SO many reasons, if i have to try it, i will use this. thanks for the tip.


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