budget friendly Christmas gift ideas

When it comes to gift giving, I’m all about making the recipient smile. I love when they say…

“Oh, my gosh…where did you find this? I love it!’

That makes me smile. I like to give unique gifts that people I love can use. Not a gift that they’ll just re-gift. I don’t like to get gifts like this so I’m very careful to not give them.

One of my favorite online shops with a great collection of green gifts is Uncommon Goods. They offer gifts for all occasions but their Christmas gifts are unique, not something that special someone will find at a big box store!

I’m also budget conscious and would prefer to not break the bank. The idea of paying off Christmas for the next year is not something I’m keen on doing. The holiday season should be enjoyable not stressful and maxing out my credit card is stressful, not enjoyable. Besides, I don’t think anyone that I give a gift too would want me to go into debt over a gift. Silly!

Another reason I love Uncommon Goods and I’ve mentioned them before! They offer gifts under $50 which makes life even easier plant nannybecause I’ll simply shop under this category and stay within budget. My family has a $35 and under rule so this is a category I love!

I’ve been eyeing the plant nanny’s for my sister in-law. They’re under $50 and they are eco-friendly, unique and something she can use. She loves to travel but I know she has plants and she drinks wine. PERFECT! I’m thinking I’ll get these for her this year and send them along with a fancy bottle of red wine!

So tell me, what unique gifts are you eyeing this year from Uncommon Goods?

Disclaimer: I was compensated for my time with a free gift from Uncommon Goods but these are my own opinions and I’ve shopped Uncommon Goods for years.

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