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Taking a vacation, doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it can be local and lodging can be budget friendly and exceptional!  There are so many hidden gems within hours from are homes in Michigan. This last weekend, I spent a gorgeous autumn weekend in Traverse City, Michigan with 7 other Michigan bloggers exploring parts of Traverse City, we might have never known about. I pass through Traverse City regularly and other than knowing where Target is and a few other big stores, I’m not sure where to stay and eat. If you asked me where to stay in Traverse City and the best restaurants to enjoy, I could only give you suggestions or name hotel chains because I’ve seen them passing through. Now, I feel confident I can suggest a fabulous hotel, recommend some great dinner or lunch restaurants and even suggest a few delicious beers and wines that are well worth trying! The beer, wine and some cheese tasting suggestions will come in a later post…I promise!

First, let me begin by telling you that I was floored by the accommodations at the Cambria Suites.  I had Cambria Suites in Traverse City, Michigan #review #hotels #TravelTC #Travel always thought this was just a chain of hotels where you can get a bargain rate and with that came marginal service and accommodations. Come on, you know the type of hotel I’m referring to! This was far from the case with Cambria Suites in Traverse City. The rates are indeed bargain rates, starting at only $159.00 but the service is four stars. The room was spotless, very large, with a fridge, microwave and living room area with a separate television. Perfect for a small family! The bed was to die for comfortable and ordinarily I complain about the pillows but not this time!

If you’re looking for an affordable hotel that will exceed your expectations, choose Cambria Suites in Traverse City. All the bells and whistles are include and a restaurant that will knock your socks off. The head chef and assistant General Manager, Scott Neumann, made us some of his favorite dishes for appetizers. I think I’ll just eat at the restaurant next time I visit Traverse City, it was that amazing. The lime shrimp tacos and macaroni, mouthwatering and all made from scratch. This is not something you ordinarily get with a chain of hotels!

Cambria Suites in Traverse City, Michigan #review #hotels #TravelTC #Travel Cambria Suites in Traverse City, Michigan #review #hotels #TravelTC #Travel

While hanging out in the lobby and lounge with my inspiring blogger friends, I noticed several Pilots and flight crew members.  While Scott Neumann, the head chef and assistant General Manager was talking with us, I asked him about my observations. He said they have several returning guests. The food, the amenities, the shuttle running from 5 a.m. to 12 a.m., the lounge, free high speed internet, guest laundry and meeting rooms are all things regular travelers need and can find at Cambria Suites.  I think it speaks volumes to have regular returning guests, don’t you? In fact, Cambria Suites of Traverse City, Michigan was voted Hotel of the Year, Best of the Best! As someone who used to travel monthly, I can appreciate all this hotel has to offer.

I get it. And I love that they focus on recycling for all meetings, conventions and in the hotel rooms. The chain, as a whole, is working to focus on environmentally-friendly practices that help them reduce water, waste and recycle whenever possible.  Of course, as a visitor, I do my best to not have room service wash my bedding and sheets until I leave. I recycle, turn off the lights and focus on note wasting water. Simple things I can do as a guest to help the environment.

Tell me, have you ever visited a Choice Hotels Cambria Suites hotel? You can become a member and earn free rooms! If you haven’t yet joined or visited I highly recommend visiting the Traverse City, Cambria Suites. You won’t be disappointed!


Cheers! Trying Nomad Dry Hard Cider. #yum #TravelTC

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Stay tuned for more things to do, see and eat in Traverse City, Michigan. Also be sure to like Cambria Suites of Traverse City on Facebook and follow #TravelTC for what the others bloggers have to say about their stay and experiences while exploring this northern Michigan gem.

Disclaimer:  This experience was sponsored in terms of lodging and food. I was not paid for my time, travel or for writing a blog post. This is all based on my experience and desire to share with you a great place to visit.

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