Good news, I think I’m going on a second date with eBay classifieds. They are not a one night stand company- too many family values and standards and I’m certainly not thinking they’re the cheating, sleeping around company. Read my dating analogy over at 3 Green Angels and this might make more sense to you but I’m certain you’re probably following what I’m saying. I flew to San Jose, California with no expectations. My match maker was M Booth and they planned a wonderful first date where I was able to meet the whole kit-in-caboodle family because when you meet Kijiji you meet eBay! I had a few reservations about the expectations and the word “ambassador” as a previously mentioned but I was able to talk about this, share my thoughts, express some concern and hear from the team on their social media policies, ideas, goals, dreams and aspirations and see if there was a place for me (hence, the spark).  What I liked best…they listened, took notes, eyeballed each other (in a good way) and I felt I did our community proud showing I know my stuff, I am of value and that compensation, trust and a long term relationship is important.

I can’t influence you to use Kijiji because I still have to use it myself but I can tell you what I’ve learned and what I hope to be true from my own personal experience in the near future. It’s sort of like me telling you that they’re good in bed but I haven’t slept with them yet – I just have to tell you instead about their characteristics, good looks and what has me feeling the spark!

Here is what I know:

They have kick butt spam and fraud technology working behind the scenes to make Kijiji safer. They’re not like that guy name Craig that takes out personal ads! Keywords are blocked when creating a FREE listing and guess what the duplicates are deleted!

The Kijiji is number one in Canada and I like Canada. Apple even had the iphone Kijiji application as number one and advertised it and if I had an iPhone I would want a U.S. application.

It is Free. So if you don’t want to sell on eBay and have listings fees or maybe work for a better value for your item and auction it – have a Kijiji garage sale!

Kijiji has different categories then that guy name Craig so if you’re wondering if Kijiji and Craig are twins I promise you there are some different characteristics and features – date them both and you’ll find out which one is better!

Five easy steps and up to 8 pictures and boom you have a listing and can share it on Facebook and Twitter with a click of a button.

Kijiji’s brother eBay is hot. He hooks you up with an affiliate program and great support system plus a sister Green Team that is all over making the world a better place. Reusing items and keeping stuff out of the landfills, buying local and saving money should make everyone’s heart throb.  Besides @ecofabulous is on the Green Team and everyone wants to marry her!

You have to love Kijiji and eBay because they’re so darn modest they do not even tote the fact that they give millions away every year and help others use their services for giving and charity. That is just cuddly.

Can you tell I’m in the infatuation mode? I’m real and know there are flaws and things that need improvement but when someone is willing to work on this and work on it with input and togetherness that speaks volumes.

Why not? Great tips for free!

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