I bunch and my husband folds. You know, when you wipe your bottom after you go to the bathroom, what do you do with the toilet paper? I’m too busy to sit and fold the toilet paper but he says it’s wasteful and being a “green mom”, shouldn’t I take the time to conserve the toilet paper? At first my response was, no! Just to spite him but in all actuality, it’s yes. Even though I’m not really sure he’s correct that folding saves toilet paper. I think it’s just a wiping preference and the way you were taught not an Eco issue!

I have a point in writing this, I do. With the New Year here, tomorrow…I need a resolution that is obtainable. Something I can really do and succeed at. Measurable too! I need to see results so I know I’m being successful and making a difference. I’ve decided less toilet paper is my New Years Resolution. I can’t really go to the bathroom fewer times a day but I can try to use less tee pee and buy recycled toilet paper. If my husband is reading this, which I doubt he is, he is probably jumping up and down. He’s been begging me to do this for years! I’ve eliminated paper towel from our home so this is a logical next step.

I’ve also considered a Biffy personal rinse and when I started researching and I found an excellent post about this same topic over at Lighter Foot Step (guess I’m not the only one thinking about using less toilet paper). I realized that a Biffy might not be the best option for saving resources because then you are using more water. Geesh, what’s a girl to do when she just wants a clean bottom and a healthier planet?

The Seventh Generation website tells me that if every family replaces one twelve pack of “conventional” toilet tissue with one twelve pack of recycled toilet tissue, 1.3 billon gallons of water can be saved. That’s more than a drop in the bucket. That means using fewer squares to wipe. Research is telling me that this is inconclusive on whether it is going to make a big difference in helping the environment but I think it will and here is my logic:

  1. If I buy in bulk there will be less packaging and I will save money.
  2. Using less will mean I won’t have to drive to the store and buy as much and that’s good for the environment and my pocket book.
  3. Making Eco-friendly choices on toilet paper from the NRDC will help to support efforts for recycling content for toilet tissue and companies not using bleaching methods. The NRDC rates all toilet paper and includes if mercury is avoided.
  4. Water will be conserved (if the Seventh Generation site is correct) and that’s Eco-friendly!
  5. I also think fewer trees will be cut down if more consumers buy toilet tissue made from recycled content. That’s just my thinking and an older MSNBC article points to this as well but it is debated. The Kleenex® and Cottonelle® website point out that the tissue is from the waste of trees already cut down for other uses. You can even see the life cycle of the tissue product. So it’s up for debate.

Every litte bit counts, even toilet tissue. That’s my resolution this year, what’s yours?

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