Parenting, it is exhausting. When my kids were little I traveled a lot for work. I thought it was tough to travel then but now it is actually harder to not be present. The after school activities, packing lunches, signing folders and homework, helping them with homework, making sure that you’re there to talk to because they have stuff on their mind they’re working through.

Clean clothes.

Yes, they need clean clothing but when they were little and I traveled and they stayed home with the sitter, we’ll they could chill in their jammies all day. Not having their favorite jeans to wear to school wasn’t a big deal. Now it is a big deal!

They can’t go to school in their jammies. (OR they could but that would not be good!)

So that’s where I’ve been lately if you’re wondering…which I’m sure you’re not…but if you are. I’ve been parenting. I’ve been ever so present while juggling work, sponsorships and trying to remain sane. I’ve been carting my kids around and livingBeing a mom the dream of driving a minivan. (I say that sarcastically.) I spend my Saturday’s now away from home carting one to horse riding lessons and the other to football. I run home make lunch and I’m off again, all while throwing my hair into a pony or sporting a hat. It isn’t that I wasn’t parenting before but now I seem knee deep in it with little time for much else.

I’m living a glamor life but you know what, I chose to be a parent and though there are times I’m pulling my hair out, crying and thinking I’m an epic fail…I brush myself up and try again.

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