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Before you start building a tree house in your backyard, you might want to try the adorable CALAFANT Treehouse for indoors. CALAFANT offers creative, fun & unique and eco-friendly cardboard kits to construct your very own toy. The Treehouse is easy to build and fun to decorate. Part of the creative fun is to figure out what materials you can use for decoration: paint, watercolor, do-a-dots, glitter, cotton balls – pretty much any crafting material you have on hand. The Treehouse measures 22″ high, that’s the ideal size for play with any 3″ doll (Polly Pockets, Playmobil, etc.) your child already owns. It’s very rewarding to see kids integrate their do-it-yourself toys in their everyday play.

 recycled cardboard toys

For Earth Day 2009 I took the Treehouse into my son’s school to put together, paint and play with. The children had a great time decorating and use their imagination daily to play with the Treehouse. It made for a great Earth Day activity and really corresponded with learing about recycled material and why it’s important to recycle.

CALAFANT offers a whole line of pre-cut, pre-punched cardboard kits, everything from cute dinosaurs to spooky preschool playcastles. All toys are made from recycled cardboard and covered with a layer of white paper to make decorating easier. When your child outgrows the toys, you can simply recycle it again (instead of it ending up in some landfill).

The larger CALAFANT items, such as the Treehouse, are a wonderful family activity you. It’s big enough for several kids working on it at the same time. CALAFANT makes also smaller toys which are great for birthday parties – as a party activity and as party favors.

All CALAFANT toys are available at Prices range from $6.99 to $24.99 for a large walk-in castle. Save 10% by entering the coupon code GREENCLEAN when shopping at!

preschool activitiesAll CALAFANT toys are made from recycled cardboard and covered with a layer of white paper to make decorating more fun. When the child outgrows or outplays it, the toy can easily be recycled and doesn’t end up in a landfill where pretty much all of our plastic toys go at one point or another.

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