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My family loves to camp. I’m often asked why we camp because it is a lot of work. I can’t disagree with that. It takes a lot of time to pack everything up, unpack camp and then pack it all up again. I feel as though we have a system and it’s not as hard as it used to be. The children are also older and can help. Which is important to have them do. We want them to realize that for us all to have fun and enjoy camping, we all need to work together to get things done. Luckily, they’re good at helping and no the drill.

No matter how many times we camp, I always discover something I’m missing or some tool or gadget that would make camping life even easier. I walk around the camp ground and eye other camp sites. How do they set everything up? What are they cooking with? I learn something new each time I do this. For example, I saw one family have a pop-up changing tent. Genius! The kids are always wanting to change in and out of their swim suits but it leaves the camper full of sand.

For two years now, I’ve been eyeing an outdoor electric grill. And yes, electric because we almost always have electricity and running water when we camp. Oh and I don’t like charcoal grills. I can’t stand the flavor and there’s always flare ups and they burn pieces of the meat. Yuck! Anyhow, we’ve always grilled over the fire or I’ve used my electric skillet, which is small. The camp fire has always worked but in the morning, the kids are starving, dad’s still sawing logs and the last thing I want to do is start a fire. I’m enjoying my coffee.

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I was in luck last weekend, I received a George Forman electric grill to review. I could have fainted when it arrived. I was packing up the camper and it was like a prayer was answered by the UPS man.

Tips for camping with children, including a review of the new George Foreman Electric Grill.

The first morning of camping, we had grilled sausage. No camp fire needed and I was able to enjoy my coffee. It heated up in a jiffy and the fat dripped right into the drip pan with ease. It’s designed to draw fat away from the food using a “sloping grate” and I have to say, it really does work.

The George Foreman GGR50B Indoor/Outdoor Grill is what I was using this last weekend for our camping trip and I loved it. In fact, I used it not just for breakfast but for lunch (hot dogs) and dinner (hamburgers). With the pedestal stand, I was able to save space on my folding table. This was always an issue with my skillet, it took up too much space on the folding table.

After using the grill for a full weekend of camping I can honestly say, I would buy one and recommend the George Foreman GGR50B Indoor/Outdoor Grill for anyone who camps (with electricity), needs a large indoor grill or lives in a small apartment. I can see my family using this year-around. Our current George Forman countertop grill is small and can only do two burgers at once. This grill can do at least 15 burgers! SWEET!

A few quick tips about using the grill:

  • Make sure the drip pan is closed tightly or you’ll make a greasy mess. I did this when grilling burgers and it ran all over the pedestal stand.
  • There’s no place to attach the lid when you’re flipping burgers. So be sure you have a free hand or a place to set the lid. It would be nice if the grill had a place to hang the lid but it doesn’t.
  • We blew a fuse in the camper when the grill was plugged in. We had too much plugged in. After unplugging a few things, there were no other issues. Check to see what you have plugged in and the amps you’re allowed.
  • It only takes a few minutes to warm up and the highest setting is HOT! I had to cook the sausage on medium.
  • It only takes a few minutes to set-up. So don’t fret that you’ll have to spend hours putting it together.
  • To easily clean, just remove the 240 square inch plate – after it’s cooled. The grill is non-stick so it cleaned very easily.
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If you’re in the market for an electric grill, this is the grill for you. It’s now one of my favorite camping pieces. I know people are walking around, like I do, eyeing the grill. If you’re looking for great camping recipes visit my list of kid approved camping recipes or Five Easy Camping recipes. I also have some great summertime grilling tips, a great marinade for grilling and a grilled corn recipe that is to die for. Yum!

Disclaimer: I received the George Forman Grill to review and I’m compensated for my time as a Spectrum Brand blogger. My opinions are my own.

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