I did it. I wasn’t going to but then I thought about it and couldn’t resist. I tell the story in my video – which I still can’t believe I made – but the reason I was compelled to make the video was a memory of my favorite car. The tomato. Sigh. It was a manual transmission two door red (faded orange) Ford Escort that I purchased with $800.00 hard earned babysitting cash. I was so proud but I had no idea how to drive it. My dad promised he would teach me but it had to wait a few days. Um… sort of impatient so I attempted to take it and learn myself – how hard could it be? Yes, it was not such a good idea but nobody died.

Ford Escort

My tomato was speedy, fun to drive and the gas mileage rocked. Then it was hit in the high school parking lot and the rear axle was destroyed. I still drove it. I did not want to part with it. No big deal, it still ran you just had to sit on the side that wasn’t broken or the snow and dirt would spit up at you and get you dirty. Desperate friends who loved a fun ride in the tomato endured some dirt! Oh the memories! I finally had to part with it but eventually ended up back in a Ford Escort, a four door white one with pretty blue interior – people were jealous.

When I heard of the Ford Fiesta Movement, I wasn’t moved but then something about the Fiesta reminded me of the Escort. It reminded me of how much fun it was to drive a stick shift and be in a small car. Perhaps I could have the thrill once again and it would be much better on gas mileage than my gas-guzzling beast. Another kick in the pants to make the video – my husband does not want me to have a small car. He doesn’t believe they are safe, roomy enough or practical for a family. The Ford Fiesta has dual stage airbags with crash sensitive inflation rates and side and curtain airbags. Shucks, I’m all set! The new Ford Fiesta was designed to easily accommodate four adults and has plenty of leg and headroom, so I read. In a nutshell, I’d like to prove him wrong. He would never go for us purchasing a small car such as the Fiesta BUT if I were to win one for six months, what could he say? He’s even agreed to this with a smile and said he’d be up for the challenges to see just what this Ford Fiesta could handle! I could see the adventure in his eyes and him secretly agreeing it would be fun! (Insert evil wicked laugh).

Well, the contest is over and now the wait is on. My video has been entered and I’ve put it all out there. Ford supposedly had 1,500 entries and will only pick 100 of these lucky people to be special agents and drive the Ford Fiesta. I’m hoping after my “Bringing Sexy Back” dance (blushing), admitting my husband plays dodge ball and having him on video with the Joe Crab Shack Shirt that I’m worthy enough. I love the idea of Ford taking this to social media and letting things go crazy on YouTube! The application asked all sorts of questions about social networking and blogging and I’m confident I have that covered but in the midst hopefully I won’t be laughed at too hard or judged because of my goofy video. Ahh, shit I really don’t care! It was fun and hopefully you’ll see more craziness if I get a Ford Fiesta. I’ll show just how green the baby can be! Whora! Do a little dance for me and wish me luck.

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