Dear Cancer:

I do not know you…yet. I fear that someday I will know you, battle you, hate you and cuss you out like a drunken trucker. I fear that you’ll hurt me like you’ve hurt others and that you’ll impact my children, husband and friends.

Cancer, you are evil but you are also eye opening. Six letters. Only six letters but these letters bring pain, fear, research and determination to kick the living shit out of you!

I know as a woman I have a higher percent of body fat then my counter part and so I’m more likely to store toxic material that has indeed been linked to cancer and hormone disruption. I know that we as a society put toxins together like we’re mixing a cocktail for a party but like all parties with too many concoctions…there is not a good ending.

Sugar. Carbs. Alcohol. Stress. The Environment. Toxins. You love these words and with our economy and what our society is going through I fear that you’ll win. I fear you’ll breed on people buying cheap pesticide laden food. Cancer, you’ll eat up those people decompressing with alcohol and eating fast foods that are full of chemicals. I worry you’ll take advantage of the children who cannot help what they are fed, the chemicals sprayed to clean their homes and clothing. I feel concern that people will just give up and say there is nothing they can do and that they will let you win because there is so much fear, anxiety, confusion and yes unknown about you.

Cancer, I have my worries. I have my fears and yes, you’ve hurt those I’ve known directly or indirectly but Cancer I really hope that the more moms saying no to toxins, the more companies changing… will equal  more people who will tell you where you can shove it and be the winners!! I believe when we pay attention to the dangers of chemicals and plastics,  defy status quo, question pesticides, listen to research not funded by the chemical industry and government, think of how we bathe our children and what we put on our skin and in their mouths…we are on the right path.



Mother, Believer and Fighter

P.S. Read other Green Mom Carnival Posts on this important topic and you’ll know you are being defeated and at WAR.

P.S.S. Groups like  Healthy Child, Environmental Working Group and Moms Rising are working hard to do research, be proactive and educate others on how to defeat you!

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