There are many families that are celebrating the Holiday season with a family member that is allergic to gluten or might be gluten sensitive.  With the recent discoveries of gluten issues in young children and some Adults, many are working hard to find substitutes for those gluten based foods. Even if you have a gluten allergic family member, you don’t have to make your dinner guests suffer with horrible tasting food. Some gluten free foods can be just as tasty as the original version with gluten.  Here are a few easy alternatives to the traditional Holiday dinners with gluten in them.


First, you will start off with a meat dish, and what better way to celebrate the holidays than with a deliciously free range raised beef tenderloin.  By heading to your local fresh market you can locate the best looking 2 lbs. of beef tenderloin for your guests. By glazing it with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil, some fresh herbs finely chopped, little bit of vegetable stock, and some carrots and potatoes right out of the garden you can prepare a magnificent entrée for your guests.


Many times people include a salad or soup, either is acceptable, but in this case a soup is a wonderful idea. Celebrate the Holidays with a Gluten FREE MenuSince most areas are cold during the holiday season a warm soup will help with that inner chill. One of the best soups to make for a vegan, gluten free meal is a potatoes and leek soup.  With a well pureed potatoes soup and some fresh leek and herbs you can have a deliciously warm and hearty soup that will delight everyone at the table. Vegetable stock, little bit of extra virgin olive oil, a little bit of kick to spice it up and you have a wonderful soup for your holiday menu.

Vegetables are a staple with any holiday meal and just because you have a gluten free meal planned doesn’t mean that vegetables can’t be added to the menu. With a little bit of garlic, some maple, and some creamy sweet potatoes you can have a garlic maple sweet potatoes casserole to add some color to your menu.  The beautiful coloring and texture of the potatoes will pair nicely with the fresh green beans and to add some flavor and texture to them you can caramelize some shallots to add on top of each serving. This makes for a nice and colorful menu. When preparing a dinner you need to add some of every color option in vegetables for a more healthy and vitamin rich meal. Organic, fresh from the ground vegetables are much more vitamin rich than the store bought in the can versions.

What would a holiday feast be without the bread or stuffing? Well, to me it would be a disaster. So will a little bit of imagination and cheese you can make a gluten free cheesy cornbread for your guests. With a few extra ingredients than a traditional stuffing, you can have a gluten free cornbread that will bring your whole meal together.

With all that cornbread and beef tenderloin you are going to need some gravy to moisten it more. Making gravy can be a challenge but when you know what flavor you’re going for it becomes much simpler. You will need the drippings from the beef tenderloin, some onions, kosher salt and pepper, some vegetable stock and some Brandi to mix it all together.  No worries about the alcohol though, cause the alcohol burns off in the oven, leaving the delicious taste of the Brandi, making it safe for children to eat.


Every one that comes for a holiday dinner is more interested in the dessert table than the main dishes, we all know this. So why not make a new tradition with you new gluten menu and have a grain free, gluten free, chocolate salted tart. Sounds good doesn’t it? The best thing about this chocolate tart is that it is just the right amount of sweet and the right amount of salty, without being overbearing on either part. There are just a few simple ingredients to make this delicious dessert option, and if you have been gluten free for a while you should already have these items on hand. With almond flour, flax seed meal, maple syrup and cocoa powder and a few more ingredients, you can make a very delicious and beautifully presentable chocolate tart for your guests.  Adding sea salt on top will give it that little bit of salty that you need to counteract the sweet of the chocolate.

The entrée, sides, and dessert will make a wonderful menu for your gluten free, vegan holiday meal.  Even if you don’t have a gluten allergy or know of anyone in your family or guest list with this allergy, eliminating gluten from your diet can reduce a lot of excess fat and bloating, and can help you to eat healthier. When it comes to holiday meals, eating healthy is a very important decision to make. The healthier you eat the less weight gain you will have and the more comfortable with your body you will be for the rest of the year.

What are some of your favorite gluten and vegan recipes? Please share links below in the comment section and I’ll be sure to pin them!

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