Conceiving my children was not easy, I struggled with infertility. When I became a mom the emotions overwhelmed me. With my son I suffered through the baby blues and it was terrible. I was sleep deprived, elated with joy, overwhelmed with fear and crippled my own anxiety. I was in love with this tiny little being who now needed me, depended on me and whom I cherished. Cherished beyond words and his head on my chest in slumber land completed me and changed me. Mother’s day had new meaning to me I was living it day in and day out.

Mother’s Day Every Day

I look at mother’s day as something that should be celebrated daily. I say this because every day for me as a mother something special happens and each day I think we as mothers should stop and celebrate this, even if it’s just to take a visual snapshot, pour a glass of vino or a long deep breath. I think we’re too hard on ourselves with comparisons to other moms, trying to live up to unspoken expectations, being the chief juggler and boo fixer upper while putting ourselves last and not seeing the  extraordinary instants happening right before our eyes. We as moms need to treat ourselves nicer!  Special things to recognize ourselves and celebrate our hard work and the joy of motherhood!

Even during those tearful, frantic days when the children are fighting, I’ve stubbed my toe, there’s macaroni on the ceiling, the dog ate the homework and my daughter’s hair looks like a rats nest – there’s a glimmer of something special that can be found. My daughter snuggling with me in our warm bed and kissing my cheek telling me she’s stuck on me like glue or my son making a silly face causing all of us to break into laughter.

Tip:   Order flowers online and have them delivered once month with a little note remembering a special motherhood memory or something adorable that one of your children said or did that will make you laugh. Better yet, do this for your sister or aunt to brighten their day and not just on the traditional Mother’s day! ProFlowers has some beautiful flowers sisters would like and what a nice pat on the back for a fellow mother!

Motherhood for me is full of these special moments. Moments that remind me that even when the day is bad and motherhood is hard {um, cuz it is not easy} it’s worth it. It’s worth my stomach being full of stretch marks, the worry lines on my forehead, the sleepless nights, the fertility shots and elbows in my back at 2am.  Life is so busy and hectic that recognizing Mother’s Day only once a year is simply not enough.

Moments I captured on camera during busy days but I am glad I paused.

No. Stop and each day find those special moments and embrace them. They slip through your fingers so quickly.


This post was brought to you by ProFlowers in on honor of Motherhood.

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