Chacos Sandals Review

Who doesn’t love to wear flip flops or sandals? As soon as it turns 50 degrees you can find me with a pedicure wearing my flip flop sandals. The problem is most sandals don’t offer a lot of arch support. Which means if you want to wear them walking for 8 hours when you take the kids to the zoo or an amusement park you’ll find your legs and feet hurting at the end of the day – okay maybe just I do this but I love sandals! With the Chacos NearGround collection I can wear flip flops that are designed for comfort with arch support in mind and they aren’t chunky or ugly like some that I’ve tried in the past.  This means I can wear these all day and not have sore feet and legs. Of course, I had to test these out for you and give you an accurate review so I walked my regular 2 ½ mile walk and guess what, my feet weren’t sore and neither were my legs. I was thrilled when Chacos sent me the pair to review because not only do I love comfortable sandals I love that soles are made with 25% recycled material. An added bonus and you can get your very own pair too – see what others have to say if you don’t believe me!

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Check out my video review and trust me when I say they are comfortable and stylish:

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