This is me, in an airport sitting on a nasty floor trying to get some juice to charge my phone.  I needed the power because my flight was delayed, my family needed to know and I’m stuck with no way to communicate with them.  See I even posted it to Facebook how gross it was!


Pay phones don’t exist anymore.

The nasty floor and because I travel a lot for work, I’ve sat on nasty floors in dirty airports out of pure desperation.

Tell me you have too. Because of course, the charging stations with chair are being occupied by someone who is NOT charging their phone or electronic device. (My pet peeve in airports by the way!)

Here I am again, drinking a coffee and waiting for the charging station to open up or rather the loud snoring person to move so I can charge my phone. Can you tell I’m annoyed? (Notice, I look different? I lost 40 pounds!)

No more nasty floors for me or being annoyed by inconsiderate people occupying the seats near the charging stations because I’ve got my Rayovac 7-Hour Power charger.

My new best friend when traveling, it has my back.

This handy device charges ALL USB connector devices and provides me with instant power using only 4 Rayovac AA Alkaline batteries (which are included). No electricity needed and it can provide me with up to 7 hours of talk time. All for under $12 – and if you’ve been stranded in an airport with a dead phone I can guarantee you, you’d pay more than $12 to charge the sucker if you needed it!

Hey, that’s an idea maybe I’ll rent the thing out while I’m at the airport and make some extra dough!

Watch my video review of the 7 Hour Rayovac Charger, an airport survival must have:

Disclaimer: I’m a Rayovac blogger and I’ve been compensated for my time but really this product rocks and you get one. I love mine.

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