Seventh Generation recently hosted a evening with Dr. Greene (love him) and the Environmental Working Group (love, love, love them) in Boston to talk about chemicals and our children. Talk about an important discussion. I sure wish I could have been there. No worries, I can watch the full WebCast and get the low down on what the EWG and Dr. Greene have to say about chemicals and the impact they are having on our little ones. It doesn’t matter if you’re Green and Clean Mom, a green mom, mom, dad, caregiver or grandparent. This is a discussion for everyone to listen to and become educated on.

Here is an excerpt from the Seventh Generation Blog that outlines some of the discussion and important issues addressed:

According to Jane Houlihan and the Environmental Working Group’s research, man-made chemicals that our bodies harbor — otherwise known as the “body burden” — are directly linked to the rise in birth defects, cancer, and infertility.

Additionally, the EWG research explains that even at its smallest dose, any chemical can cause an effect. Think of various medications you’ve taken. Even a tiny bit can have life-impacting consequences. The same can be said for dangerous chemicals in what we digest, inhale, or absorb.

Read more from Seventh Generation and don’t miss out on the chance to view the WebCast replaying the very important discussion on chemicals and our children.