All parents want their children to be safe. Isn’t this why we try to buy organic or the best products for our children? Hold their hand when they cross the street, use a car seat, safety plug covers and baby gates? My children and their safety motivated me to start Green and Clean Mom, to find other moms like myself wanting to keep their kids from safe toxins and hazardous products. Besides just toxins and keeping our environment protected we have to think of keeping our children safe from predators. Sadly, we have to think about what happens when the unthinkable takes place and we turn around and our children aren’t there. I shutter to think of this.

I’d like to think that it will never happen. I’d like to think that I won’t have to endure what some parents go through. “Not me. Not my child. Not my family.” Unfortunately, most families think the same thing. I could easily arm you with facts, statistics and scary details but turn on the news, open the paper visit Americans Most Wanted and you will know enough to realize that besides BPA, organic products and saving our planet we have to also protect our children in other ways too.

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InstantAmber, is a source that helps families do this. You might have heard Instant Amber alerts on the radio, news or even through email. My sister is a police officer and I receive these regularly, another reminder of how often abduction takes place. One step further is InstantAmber.Com where you can register and instantly get information to law enforcement. Seeing that seconds count, I want every second to be working toward bringing my baby back to me. What could be more important that a child’s safety?

I’ve joined and it is piece of mind, like knowing my children aren’t drinking ingesting toxins through their sippy cup. It has to do with child safety and knowing I’m thinking about their well-being. The money was worth it and to help you, thru December 31 using the code: GreenandClean you can save 25% off the registration of this service.

Watch the video below to learn more about how it works but its super simple. You upload photos, information and details that can help law enforcement in a blink of an eye. The information is not accessed by law enforcement at anytime unless you provide them with a particular password. If anything were to ever happen I give law enforcement a special password and they have everything to help them find my child. No time wasted. Technology working for me as the clock ticks by.

 I’d like to hope that you will never need the service but if you ever do, I’ll be happy to know I told you about it and it helped make things move faster and law enforcement work effectively. Nothing to me is more important then helping to keep children safe.