Is your child a picky eater?  Do you have to sneak veggies into muffins, sauces and breads to help your children get their daily quota? Maybe you’ve just given up on cooking veggies and serving them all together because what’s the point, your children won’t eat them anyhow. What worries me is when a child thinks a vegetable is a French fry or ketchup and their pallet does not know what fresh tastes like but they prefer processed. Watch this video from Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and you’ll most likely feel the same alarm I felt when I viewed it from the Huffington Post’s coverage of how our children don’t even know what is a fruit or vegetable.

Obesity in America is at an all time high. Children are eating fast food, processed food and not learning about healthy eating, where food comes from and how sweet, tasty and delicious foods like tomatoes, cucumbers and potatoes can taste. To help with this I wanted to share a delicious and healthy tomato snack that the entire family is sure to love!

Mini Tomatoes with Cottage Cheese

What You Need:

30 cherry tomatoes

-1 C small curd cottage cheese

-1 tsp. celery salt

-1 tsp. mustard

-¼ tsp. onion powder

How to Make It:

Remove the tops of the cherry tomatoes.

-Remove the seeds and set tomatoes aside.

-Place the cottage cheese in a mixing bowl.

-Fold in the celery salt, mustard and onion powder being sure to mix together well.

-Fill each tomato with the mixture.

-Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.

Kids like these because they are easy to just pop in their mouth while on the run.  They are great with just plain cottage cheese too.

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