Childhood should consist of dirt, swamps, running, spinning until your dizzy, giddy laughter, messy sticky faces and plenty of squeals. My children are fortunate they have abundant grass and wilderness to explore. They make stick forts, clay sculptures, catch toads from the swamp and make fairy houses and rock homes. They’re dirty at the end of the day, their fingers and toes are black and their clothing stained. They’re tired, happy, well-nourished and their minds hands and minds learn about nature from a hands on approach. They play queens and kings making crowns of flowers and grass. They serve each other muddy dishes that are in their make believe world are feasts fit for royalty.

At the end of the day when the sun goes down and their little faces are clean I look at them and wonder what they dream. I hope they’re dreaming about what they’ll explore, play and see tomorrow.

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