10 years ago we moved into our home, a family home and we did some renovation and remodeling. Of course we could not do everything that we wanted at the time so to make due we painted or added wallpaper, a nebatrhoom vanity remodelingw mirror or curtains. Simple and inexpensive stuff that made the home feel like ours. After 10 years I find myself ready to do a few more things to the home to make it again, more like ours and work for our family. One room that I’d love to redo, the hallway bathroom or the kids bathroom! I pass it every day on my way to my room and it looks like I still have toddlers, which I do not!

I went with a monkey theme for the bathroom because I thought they were cute and I was thinking toilet training and giving the kids something to talk about, sing about and look at! The kids are getting older and the cute yellow monkey wallpaper has got to go! The bathroom vanity and mirror are cheap and white and seeing that this is the guest bathroom, I’m ready to class it up a bit. If you visit me on Pinterest, I’m always pinning ideas for home renovation and bathroom remodeling and this is probably because I’ll never be done perfecting my home to be everything I want it to be. (Plus it is fun!)

I am taking my time, dreaming and pinning and have found some adorable bathroom vanities from Modern Bathroom that also offer Eco-friendly options (Just look for the green leaf when shopping!). Everything from antique bath vanities to modern vanities and reviews on each, which I love because seeing what others thought after they purchased helps me to make a more informed decision.

Here are few options I’m leaning towards and I’d love for you to give me your opinion. Which one do you like best?


vanity collage


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