Questions to ask yourself before choosing a tent or trailer for family camping

If you love to camp, like I do, and want to camp more often, you might be trying to decide if a tent or trailer is right for you. Both tents and trailers have their pros and cons, and the one you choose will depend on many variables. If you have recently found yourself in the tent or trailer dilemma, here are some questions to ask yourself that might be able to help you decide. While the choice of choosing a tent or trailer is never easy, knowing the answer to these questions can help you pick what is perfect for you and your family! For my family these questions were helpful. We started out in with a tent, upgraded to a pop-up camper and now we’re happy with our decision to have a trailer.

1. What is your budget?
When looking at your camping budget, you want to be realistic about what you have to spend. A high quality family tent will run you around $100, while a simple pop up camper will start at around $1500. That is a large price difference. Knowing your budget can help you decide what some of your possibilities might be.

2. How much storage do you have?
Remember that a camper will need to be stored in a garage or rental unit, while a tent is typically collapsible and can be tucked away in a garage. Think about your storage options and how much room you have to store either a tent or camper during the off season.

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3. How many people typically camp with you?
How much room do you need when you camp? Are you taking 3 people or 6 people? The answer can help you decide if a tent or camper is right for you as well. Each one will specify how many people it can accommodate comfortably, which is important to consider when making up your mind. For my family, we usually take people camping with us and therefore a tent becomes a little crowded! Even our trailer gets crowded and we have to add a tent for more sleeping spots!

4. Do you have a tow package/tow able vehicle?
If you do invest in a camper, you will want to be sure your vehicle is capable of towing it. This means having a tow package installed if you already don’t. It also means making sure your vehicle is suitable for pulling the weight. If you don’t have a vehicle that can do this, a tent is a better option.

5. How often do you camp/how long do you camp?
If you like to camp multiple times a year for days or more at a time, a camper is most likely your better option. This way you are more comfortable and have more amenities for your longer stay. It is a worthwhile investment. If you are more of the camp once or twice a year type and only for a day or two, a tent is a better idea for you.

6. Do you have health restrictions?
If you have back or joint problems or other health concerns, a camper can make your stay more comfortable while still allowing you to enjoy the outdoors. Any health restrictions that may be hindered by sleeping in a tent make a camper a better option. If you however lack any health restrictions a tent will be suitable.

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7. What kind of camper are you?
Do you pack for leisure or adventure? To sight see or to unwind? A tent is easier to pick and move if you like to hike and enjoy adventure. While a camper can provide more relaxing and leisure via a home away from home. What kind of camper are you? Answering this question and identifying your overall camping goals can help you make a choice as well.

Ask yourself these questions and see if they don’t help you decide if a camper or tent is right for you, your budget, and your lifestyle. Whichever solution you pick, get out and enjoy the great outdoors by camping with your family and friends!

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