January isn’t over. It’s not too late for me to choose a word of the year, right? I talked about this previously and how I couldn’t decide on just “one word.” Well, I think, I’ve finally decided and the push was a challenge from my Yo-Getters Blogger Club to share with my readers a healthy family resolution for the year and make all of you a promise. Even though my word of the year, isn’t really a resolution it will set the tone for 2015 and with this word I have some promises that I’m making myself, you and my family.


Yes, that’s my word of the year. Let me explain.

I always put everyone else first. This actually hurts my family because I become stressed, overwhelmed and short fused. Don’t most mothers?

I say no to things that will make me happy because I worry that my kids won’t be taken care of how I would take care of. I worry they’ll miss me. I worry they’ll be upset with me and my husband, who works a zillion hours a work, will be burdened. This means I suffer but I never realized that when I’m suffering and not happy, my family suffers.

My family wants to see me happy and when I’m happy they’re happy.

I’m focusing 2015 on me.

Here is how I plan to do this and believe it or not, focusing on myself actually has a lot to do with other people because when I’m giving and helping others…I feel happiest it.

  1. Focus more on my spirituality and faith. To do this, I’m attending an afternoon bible study while I’m Choosing a word of the year and why I chose, ME.not working and taking advantage of learning more from my elders and my Pastor.
  2. Giving to my community by becoming a volunteer Girl Scout troop leader and helping young girls understand friendship, community service and leadership. This means more of my time and one could argue that it will cause me stress but whenever I’ve given of my time, talent and skills I feel rewarded.
  3. Taking one night a week off as mom, which means I won’t be cleaning up dinner (I’ll probably still have to cook dinner.) and I’m leaving the house and not doing bedtime. This is more for my family. They need to know how to function without me. My daughter needs to learn how to go to bed, dad’s way and not have a melt-down and cry until I come home. I also need a break and though I’m not sure what I’ll do on these evenings, I’m going to do my best to make this one night count.
  4. Do work I love. Connect with brands I am passionate about and build my blogging and consulting business. I want to love what I do, life is too short not to.
  5. Eat healthy. I’m known for making everyone else breakfast, lunch and dinner and then eating crap myself or not eating. I serve my family and don’t always take the time to break bread with them and enjoy the meal I’ve made with them. I’m ashamed to admit this but it’s true. I need to nourish myself so I have the energy to take care of my family. Eating with them and showing them I value myself enough to eat and enjoy their company will benefit everyone. I think my husband will be very happy to see this change, he’s always asking me to sit down and eat.
  6. Sleep and rest more. I have always had sleep issues and they probably won’t ever go away but taking the time to make my own sleep a priority is going to make everyone feel better. When I wake up after 2-3 hours of sleep I look terrible, feel terrible and I’m so grumpy. A grumpy mom and wife is no fun to live with. I’m going to try my best to go to bed at a decent hour, limit all caffeine and if possible screen time so that I can fall asleep. This “me” focus will take some major changes in my life and possibly a new bed because my bed is terrible but I need to sleep to be a good mom and my best self.
  7. Forgive myself. I beat myself up a lot and that doesn’t help my parenting or self-esteem. I don’t always say nice things to myself. I think a lot of people are like this. I want to start each day with a kind thought about myself and end each night with a kind thought.

This might be hard but I am going to try very hard to learn to love ME. In 2015 I want to fall in love with myself but not in the narcissistic way where I think I am perfect, can do no wrong and I only think of myself. No. I just want to embrace myself, how I look, my strengths and weaknesses and in turn I believe this will help make me a better mom, wife and person.

Did you choose a word of the year? If so, I’d love to hear what it is and if you wrote a post about it, please share your link in the comment section!

Thanks to the Stonyfield Farms and the Yo-Getters Blogger Club for giving me this extra push to sit down and actually think about 2015 and how I’ll make it a great year for myself and my family.

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