Family Vacation Planning – Cruising or All Inclusive resort?

High above the ocean, I’m writing this. Somehow, I scored first class on my way home from Turks and Caicos (don’t ask me how) and I’m peering down on the turquoise water, it’s so tranquil and relaxing. When I flew above the Atlantic on my way into Turks & Caicos, I had high expectations. I was ready to experience the warm sand, hear the waves crashing as I sat in a chair and read a good book. I was eager to enjoy cocktails and have some “ME” time while networking and learning from my peers at Social Media on the Sand. I wanted to learn more about Beaches the resort and to see if this is where I’d take my family on a vacation. I wanted to observe and take it all in.

Now as I fly home and reflect on my time at the Beaches Resort in Turks & Caicos, I can tell you, I’m eager to go back. My mind is spinning with how I can afford flights for my entire family and what dates will work best for a trip in the near future.

Why would I want to go back? What lured me in? Was it the Rum punch, perhaps?

I’m not paid to convince you to go to Beaches or any Sandals Resort. I paid my own way to attend the conference for business. I’m not a travel agent or expert on traveling but I do have a family, I’ve traveled often for work and I’ve stayed at my fair share of resorts and hotels. I can also say, I have a high criteria when traveling with my family – which is why we’ve cruised with Disney twice. I like to take them on nice vacations with good food, entertainment, child care, high quality amenities, and chances to explore and try new things and where I feel safe.

What’s not to love about Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort? A great family vacation destination!

Beaches Resort in Turks & Caicos met my criteria but there are some big differences between the all-inclusive experience and cruise experience. In fact, my good friend Joey Fortman, asked me to explain the differences to her. Which is really like comparing apples to oranges but still, here is what I had to say, in a nutshell. (Click on the photo below to enlarge it or right click to save to your computer and print.)

Beaches All Inclusive Compared to a Disney Cruise

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