Halloween is over and the next holiday that my son starts to talk about is Christmas. Not that Thanksgiving isn’t important but really he doesn’t like turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and pie and he gets bored with football on the television. Are family celebrates thanksgiving with gusto but for my son, Christmas is what he cares about and it begins with thinking of the decorations, what he will ask Santa for, where we will put our Christmas tree and when we will make cookies.

While my son thinks about Christmas toys, Christmas trees lights, and holiday cookies this green eco-friendly mom is trying to figure out how to green our holiday Christmas traditions. Luckily the book, Green Christmas by, Jennifer Basye Sander and Peter Sander was sent my way and its helping me to figure out some great ways to green up my holiday without losing the joy.

The book, Green Christmas gives some great suggestions on involving my family in the green Christmas movement. Suggesting ideas on cutting energy, reducing the waste of wrapping paper, recycling gifts and reducing the number of gifts given and received. What I like about the book is how practical it is, not large and cumbersome. It also focuses on family time and involvement.

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Green Christmas doesn’t just talk about holiday gift giving but Christmas entertaining, green Christmas money saving tips, ways to create a green holiday environment and best of all why to celebrate a eco-friendly holiday. We seem to forget that it’s important to cut back on Co2 emissions whether it’s a holiday or not. Christmas shopping, cards, parties and responsibilities seem more important. Except there are little things we can do that make a difference and add up to make a big difference.

Here are some tips that I will be using this holiday season to green my holiday:

1. The children will be receiving fewer gifts and ones that are either useful, can be used long term and if possible not plastic.

2. Fewer lights which means less energy wasted. We don’t need outdoor lights twinkling and it just boosts are electric bill.

3. No new holiday decorations. I have tubs upon tubs of decorations and it’s time to purge and donate some of these. No need for new ones.

4. Give back and donate gifts to families in need. Each year we pick an angel off the Christmas tree at church but this year each of us will pick an angel and the children will help to pick the gifts out for the families. I want them to learn how fortunate they are and how it feels good to help others.

5. Toys…the children have to many. To help the children make room for new toys I want them to go through and decide which ones they do not want and we will donate them to charity.

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Would you like to green your holiday? Green and Clean Mom has a copy of the book, Green Christmas, to give away to one G&CM reader. Just leave a comment on how you are trying to green your Christmas this year. One winner will randomly be drawn on November 11, 2008. Winning has been notified. Congrats Mom of One!

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