Back to life, back to reality.

I’m in full swing again. Yee-haw!

I cleaned my computer, linen closet; daughter’s bedroom and slept for a full day because of the awful stomach bug that was going around. The toys, files on the computer and old sheets and towels just pile up and equal clutter that makes you feel overwhelmed, frustrated and agitated. The cleaning and sleeping helped.

It gave me a chance to think or rather to not think. Which was so nice, to just relax, even if it was only for a day or so – it was much needed.

I’ve made a decision to pursue something (I hope to share in the near future) with gusto, something I’ve wanted for awhile and have worked but put to the wayside.

I’m taking a break from accepting new clients so that I can keep the ones I have happy, while balancing blogging, work and family. I love so many things that it is hard to stop saying yes and not jump at every opportunity and seize every moment – except after seeing my files, cluttered closets and recent stress load I know it is time to find contentment with what I’ve obtained so far and work to find the balance with current commitment, while pursuing a personal interest.

Sometimes we have those overwhelming pull your hair out, scream and cry moments and then it is over and clarity comes to us, we see past the tears and begin to breathe.

I’m breathing.

I’m clear.

I’m calm.

Thanks for hanging with me through my virtual temper tantrum and helping me to take deep breathes!

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