Clean Eating Easy Substitues for Your Favorite Foods

If you decided to “eat clean” or at least eat cleanER, you might be trying to decide how you’re going to pack your weekly lunch and what you will now make for dinner and what about breakfast? How are you going to live without your bagel and cream cheese and your Friday night pizza? Don’t stress, I’m here to provide you with some easy substitutions for some favorite processed foods. If you are reading this and you are wondering what I am talking about, read all about what clean eating is here.


If you pack a lunch with a daily sandwich, giving up bread might be tough. Luckily, you can make a lettuce or cabbage wrap and it will hold all of clean sandwich ingredients. Yes, you will miss the soft feel of the bread. I can’t say you won’t. You can also try this clean eating whole-wheat bread recipe if you “have” to have bread. Heidi Hearts also has a yummy clean eating bread recipe that might be worth a shot. (If you’re on a clean eating diet and have a favorite bread recipe, please share!)


Bad news for all of you pasta lovers out there, most clean eating means NO pasta. For me, I’m okay with this because the substitute is rice and I love rice. You can also use spaghetti squash or other veggie noodles. Personally, I’m eyeing the Clean Food Crush and her recipe for a clean eating spaghetti squash skillet. Y.U.M.. By far the best and most versatile option is to use squash and zucchini as a pasta replacement. Use a spiralizer, a veggie peeper or just a knife and cut pasta shapes form the squash. You can eat it raw, or cook it in a dry skillet until your mock pasta is al dente. Serve with our favorite clean pasta sauce or top it with some tomatoes cooked in olive oil and garlic. Clean Eating For Busy Families, has lots of great recipes too!


If you love a bowl of cereal in the morning, it’s time for a change. If clean eating is your mission, it’s time to choose a bowl of fruit, chopped nuts and some almond milk instead. A yummy and healthier alternative but if that does not sound good, try a hard-boiled egg instead. For healthy and inspiring EASY clean eating recipes, check out this cookbook.


A weakness for SO many people and I’m right there with you if you love pizza. With a little more time and planning, you can STILL have pizza. Just with cauliflower crust instead. If you’re not 100% clean eating, consider corn tortillas for a personal sized pizza.

Depending on what you’re eating on your personal version of clean eating, corn tortillas may be a good gluten-free option. They make perfect individual sized pizzas.

For some clean eating pizza recipes, try these:

What tips or recipes do you suggest for someone who wants to eat clean or cleanER? Please share!

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