My daughter will be 4 years old next month so I am no longer covered in spit up, vomit, drool or excrement but still have to battle runny noses, sticky fingers, and dirty faces. I quickly found out that wipes aren’t just for Mom’s with babies but for Moms in general.

Elements Naturals® wipes would be on the top of my list of best wipes. These wipes are made with Ingeo™ fibers, which is material made from plants not oil. The material used results in 50% less non-renewable energy and 60% less greenhouse gases over traditional fibers. Not only are these wipes green but they are hefty, thick and soft like a wash cloth. I liked that the wipe weren’t dripping wet when I took it out of the container yet moist enough to clean up the big and little messes. It is seriously like cleaning yourself and child up with a damp washcloth, I love it.

These wipes have personal, environmental and economic benefits:

-Proudly Made in the USA, they are the first to be made from bio-based materials and ingredients listed on the approved personal care ingredients lists of EcoCert and the Natural Products Association.

-100% compostable

-Contain Natural and Naturally Derived Ingredients

– Chemical Free -Fragrance Free

-Chlorine Free

As many readers already know my daughter suffers from severe allergies, eczema and more. It is important that we’re cautious with the products we use on her and Elements Naturals® never irritated her delicate skin. I can now keep myself; daughter and the environment clean with Elements Naturals.

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