Being green, sexy and sassy isn’t exactly easy but when Eva Longoria is on the cover of InStyle Magazine and there is a feature titled, “On the Green Scene” and the best ever natural, non-toxic cleaner is included in the, “What’s Hot Now” section…it’s a little easier. I know, I know…matter of opinion. It’s just that if I were in the magazine I would feel special and yes, hot! Next best thing to me being in the magazine would be a product I stand behind (not hide, thank you very much), that’s been around since 1960! So for it’s age I guess you can say, it’s got the right stuff for such a hip and trendy magazine. When I’m that old I’d love to be honored in such a fashionable way! InStyle does circulate only 1,780,680 copies and with the one I just bought, and vow to recycle, that must be 1,780,681 copies! I don’t toot my own horn, too often, but it might be worth you checking out this recent publication or at least inquiring about this “What’s Hot Now” product! If you do buy, please recycle!
Oh, and while you’re here, enter to win a Tees For Change contest!

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