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If you’ve wondered where I have gone and why this green mom hasn’t written a post in a few days let me tell you I’m far from off the job and vacationing somewhere tropical sipping cocktails! It’s the behind the scene stuff that readers don’t see that has been keeping me busy. I’ve also been feeling very under the weather and if you follow me on Twitter you might know this but despite my lack of energy I have indeed been working, researching and yes composing some great soon to be posts with great information but I’ve also been being a mommy and spring cleaning.

As you can see above, My office is trashed full of product reviews, favorite things I have picked up on shopping trips and various green items that I want to write about or have written about. I have been cleaning and not writing. =(

Garage Sale Not just sorting, organizing and cleaning my office but also my storage room and tubs full of baby clothing for resale, garage sale or donation. My husband caught me late at night crying, listening to my tunes and thinking of my daughter in all of these cute outfits and how quickly she has grown (mind you I did not buy all of this but have many girls in my family).  It was sad to finally make the decision to say good-bye to the clothing because we have made up our minds that our family of four is complete. Can you see sad I was? It was a tough night.

garage sale

The very next day after my night full of memories and crying I walked out into the garage and saw my daughter and her “punk” attitude and realized that it was probably a good thing I packed everything up because I will have my hands full.

green kid

Yes, and then there is the T-ball schedule and finding the time to make it from work, do dinner and race to the gamest-ball with the  mitt and the children in tow. I never thought it would be so hard to juggle all of these schedules and still be a cheerful well rested mom on the side lines but geesh, it is not easy work!

I do,green and clean mom however, believe my daughter and I do our best and being cheerleaders and coaching from the sidelines in a fashionable manner. I don’t yell too loud and I always clap and cheer the children on. I’m always shocked at the parents happy to see other young children get out so that their child’s team can win. It is t-ball not the pro’s but to each their own.

green and clean mom Yes, and after all is said and done the kids and I do enjoy some down time from cleaning, organizing, running off to the t-ball games and mom and dad working full-time. So even though I love Green and Clean Mom there are just times when “other” things creep into life and the schedule of posting falls to the wayside but remember, I love you too and haven’t forgotten to say hello!

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