Editors Note: Guest post written by Marina Chernyak of 1001 Sea Grass Rugs.

When you go to the store and pick up a bottle of cleaning solution do you always know what the ingredients are? I don’t! Some of the words are too long and complicated and I can’t even think about their correct pronunciation. That is why I like to make my cleaners at home! The greener healthier way!
Vinegar and Lemon Glass Cleaner

1/2 c. white vinegar1/4 c. lemon juice4 c. water¼ tsp dish soap
You can mix together ingredients and place into a squirt bottle allowing for easy use!

All Purpose Cleaner

1/2 c. White Vinegar1/4 c. Baking Soda1/2 Gallon Warm Water

This is my favorite cleaning mixture to use on any of my hard surfaces for just a quick cleanup!

Homemade Air Freshener

For this I like to go to my local health food store and purchase some essential oil. You can lightly douse (about 2 small drops) onto a cotton ball and leave the Cotton Balls in various (hidden) places around the room. Be Careful with where you put them as the oil can stain fabric!

Oven Cleaner

I use nothing more than Baking Soda, Warm Water and lemon juice!I like to sprinkle the baking soda all over my oven where ever the grease and grime might be. Then I take a spray bottle filled with warm water and a dash of lemon juice (more for scent than cleaning). Then I wait for about 45 minutes and come back and spray another coat of the water mixture.  Then grab a scrub sponge and your good to go!**This mixture also works wonderfully for any burned on pots you might have! Sprinkle some Baking Soda on the Pots and Pans then place them in a sink filled with warm water! The next morning your pans will clean like a breeze!

Laundry Detergent

2 gallons Hot Water 1 bar Grated Soap 2 1/4 c. Baking soda Place 1 Bar of Grated Soap (I like Ivory the best) with about 1 1/2 c. water. Cook on low heat, stirring frequently until bar has completely melted. In 5 Gallon Bucket place 2 Gallons Hot Water and then add in Melted Soap Mixture. Add 2 1/4 c. Baking Soda and stir together ingredients. I Use 1/2 c. mixture in a full load, and 1 1/4 cup of the mixture for my husband’s greasy work clothes.

Garbage Disposal

If you’re Garbage Disposal gets an unpleasant scent then it is good to place 1/4 c. Baking soda into your drain. Then I pour 1 c. White Vinegar into the drain. Let it sit for a little while and fizz before running water in the drain! Then before you know it the unwanted stench will be gone!

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

2 Tbs salt2 Tbs Baking Powder1 c. White Vinegar

Mix ingredients together and place in a clean spray bottle. Then just spray and wipe!

I love making my own household cleaners. It is a fun way to know that my family is being kept safe and now when my child asks me if she can help clean up I am no longer afraid of the harmful chemicals that she might come into contact with. Since making my own cleaners I have felt more confident in my cleaning and I have also seen a difference in my pocket book as my spending has went down drastically! Your local health food store might also have some homemade cleaning tips and ideas! Many Natural Grocers sell Borax, Washing Soda, as well as many other items that can come in handy when making your own personal cleaners!

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  1. I hate those store detergents on which there are always labels starting with the sign “Danger” or “Caution”. I don’t feel safe for my kids when there are such detergents in my home. I also prefer to prepare my own cleaning products. The ideas you’ve given are very good.


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