Last week Clif Kid sent me sample of the Organic Twisted Fruit and Organic ZBaRs to try and in less than one week they are all gone! Every last one eaten, devoured and enjoyed! My daughter loved the Organic Twisted Fruit which made me happy because they are the equivalent of one whole serving of fruit and loaded with vitamin C! I know your thinking they are full of sugar and “stuff” but with Clif Kids they say there are no artificial flavors or preservatives, no processed sugars and they are made with real fruit puree.  My daughter’s favorite flavor was the strawberry but she enjoyed grape, sour apple, pineapple, tropical twist and sour apple without any complaints!

My son, he wasn’t wild about the Organic Twisted Fruit but he asked for a Clif Kid Organic ZBar™ in his lunch, for snack or even a nighttime treat! The bar, like the Organic Twisted Fruit, bears the USDA Organic label. I felt great about packing him a bar that Clif Kid says is made with 7-11 grams of whole grain, 12 vitamins and minerals and no artificial flavors or preservatives. I tried all of these bars and loved the chocolate brownie but my son preferred the peanut butter or honey graham.

It’s hard giving the children fast and easy snacks that are packaged for lunches, traveling and on the go (yes, of course I prefer fresh fruit and veggies) that are healthy. Luckily, we have the option of going with Clif Kids and having the healthy variety they offer. My husband feels better knowing he gave the kids these snacks when I’m not around because he knows I won’t complain! Check out the FREE PDF parents guide of healthy tips for healthy kids, it is really a great resource!

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