Is anyone following the Climate Bill aka Waxman-Markey aka American Clean Energy and Security Act?  Why so many names? Are they trying to distract/confuse the public so they won’t know the real truth? You tell me. I’m trying to follow the AKA bill or act or whatever they want the public to call it but it’s not as easy as I thought. I’m trying to do a little research but it’s hard to get accurate information when I have to follow so many different resources due to the name changes. I did try downloading the 1,427 page bill but my archaic computer just wouldn’t allow it. What I do know is that the average Joe is not going to read 1,427 pages of a bill to find out what the real truth is. Do they do that on purpose to deter the public from finding out the truth? It all seems pretty cloak and dagger to me. I am trying to stay optimistic while the black cloud is glooming over head.

I want to believe that this Bill is going to improve our environment and is written with good intentions. I think the Bill is a good start at recognizing that that global warming is not just everyone else’s problems but the problem of the United States. According to my sources the United States produces 20% of global emissions. WOW! Since we are responsible for causing so much damage it is only right that we help fix it. The problem I am having is with the tug of war with words when it comes to this bill. Some sources claim the Bill is going to drive up the price of energy, send jobs overseas, and injure farmers, truckers, and small businesses, due to a new energy tax. Some sources also claim that the Bill will increase the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel; with in the next 10years. Other sources are much more optimistic and explain that the Bill will work with all major emitting nations to contribute to the global warming efforts by implementing the cap-and-trade program (good idea). The sources also explain that gasoline and diesel prices will increase but only by .25 a gallon, not .77. I also read that Europe has already seen the emission reduction from 12,000 sources.

I want to be optimistic because we need some optimism and change. Lets all keep are fingers crossed and hope that there isn’t any cloak and dagger hubbub going on and the flaws that exist in this Bill get resolved before it is enacted. Regardless if you are for or against this Bill at least the Government is taking a look at the health and welfare of our country. Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Felicity Huffman, Edward Norton and other big names are participating in “This is our Moment” campaign, which supports the new clean energy Bill. Below I included some websites that argue both sides of the Bill and have some valuable information. Take a deep breath, and YOU decide

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