“Who likes Burt’s Bees now that it’s been bought by Clorox?” Alison Stewart, a host on National Public Radio, said in November. “You know, just slap some bleach on your lips, it’ll all be good.”

Burt’s Bee’s sold itself to Clorox for $913 million dollars! The idea that Clorox and big boxed store and companies will go green is a joke to me and is just my personal opinion but here it is… These big companies are hoping to capitalize on the “green” market and the fact that consumers care about what they are using now. Sad thing is some consumers will fall for this marketing trap and believe the companies like Clorox. The same companies that make bleach or harmful products that kill our brain cells and hurt the environment. It is crazy. Folks, we have to be consumers that think and align ourselves with companies that have strong environmental heritages and don’t just want to ride a popular wave and make money. Companies like this exist and were going green long before green was cool.

I hear time and time again that it’s too expensive to buy green and it’s not convenient so what is Clorox doing, making it easier. Should we thank them? Heck no because they company isn’t going green people. The company is just going to make a few green products so we can pat them on the back. Buy products that are concentrate from companies that you can actually trust and don’t be fooled. Better yet, start selling products that are green yourself and make money off helping the environment, helping your friends and family and not supporting this advertising trick. One other note: the green works products aren’t tested on animals but Clorox still tests on animals so think of the company you’re supporting. Do some research and don’t just throw stuff in your cart.

Be real. Be honest. Be green
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This is just my opinion and I don’t claim for it to be right or wrong. I’d love to hear your opinion and start and respectful dialogue.

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