Short hair is just so easy for me!

I’m growing my hair out. It’s a nub of a pony right now and I’m very close to cutting it but I’m holding strong. The last time I had long hair was for my wedding over 10 years ago.

I grow it a little.

I cut it.

I grow it.

I cut it.

A little tiny pony!
A little tiny pony!

This cycle repeats its self-over-and-over again.

I’m determined this time and really, it’s getting closer but because I highlight my hair and blow it dry most days, I notice that it’s dry and there are split ends and we’ll yuck. I want pretty longer hair not frizzy long hair.

Which is why I’ve been weekly giving myself a raw honey and organic coconut oil hair mask and besides loving how I smell, I love how soft my hair is afterwards.

Here’s what I do:

  • Mix 1 tablespoon of raw honey with 2 tablespoons of organic coconut oil in a glass measuring cup.
  • Heat for just a few second in the microwave and mix the two ingredients together.It takes time to grow your hair out but slowly it is getting there!
  • After a quick shower when my hair is wet and conditioned, I divide my hair into sections.
  • Pour a little of the mask mixture into your hand and slather it on each section of your hair starting from your scalp work it into your hair down to the ends.
  • Wrap your hair up in a warm towel (I throw mine in the dryer to get it nice and toasty!) and let the mask work its magic for 30 minutes.

I love doing this if I can squeeze in a bath because then I shave, relax, listen to music or read a book for the 30 minutes. A real treat! Most days however, I do this while working from my computer with my robe on and make the most of every working minute!

After 30 minutes I rinse my hair thoroughly, shampoo and conditioner as usually and style. My hair smells amazing and is very smooth.



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